Top 13 Best Thing to do in Abu Dhabi: A Comprehensive Guide 

Top 13 Best Thing to do in Abu Dhabi: A Comprehensive Guide 

The United Arab Emirates allows you to experience some of the best activities for all ages. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. These activities range from desert safari to water adventures. This guide aims to deliver some of the best activities to enjoy with your family or friends. 

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Start your Abu Dhabi tour with the visit to the Grand Mosque. Embrace that history as a symbol of Islamic artistry and admire the masterpiece. The mosque has a breathtaking design and attention to detail. The exterior of the building is adorn with white marble that glows under the Arabian sun. As you enter the mosque, you will be impressed by the decorations . Make a plan to visit the beautiful Mosque to admire the beautiful mosque. You can also rent a car in Abu Dhabi to appreciate the spiritual importance of this iconic landmark.

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi

Art lovers can explore the world of Louvre Abu Dhabi. It’s one of the unique museums in Abu Dhabi  that transcends geographical boundaries. The museum has an expensive dome that creates a mesmerizing rain of light effect. Explore the vast art galleries and take a glimpse of artworks . These are from various civilizations and continents. Along with this, the museum has a thematic approach to art. The main focus of the Museum is on shared human experiences through history. You can explore from the ancient artifacts to masterpieces. It attracts educators as well as visitors.

  • Corniche beach

You can escape the city’s hustle and bustle at the corniche beach. It gives the perfect blind of recreational amenities and natural beauty. There are many cycling paths and green gardens for various types of activities. The beach provides a tranquil escape for the families. It gives the stunning backdrop of the city’s Skyline.

  • Yas Island

Yas Island is the symbol of entertainment. It offers many attractions for the visitors. The Motorsport enthusiast will witness a circuit marina club. It is home to the Formula 1 Grand prix. For the adventure lovers, there is a water world with thrilling rides. For the shopping lover, Yas Mall is best for shopping and dining. The island is truly the spirit of entertainment in Abu Dhabi

  • Qasr Al Hosn

Abu Dhabi allows you to admire the history at Qasr Al Hosn. It’s one of the oldest stone buildings in Abu Dhabi . Their innovative palace is a cultural hub. It allows the visitors to admire the past by the museum’s exhibition as well as many cultural events. The place is a kind of juxtaposition for the ancient structures. It is also a reminder of Abu Dhabi’s evolution. Making your plan towards Qasr Al Hosn is the best season for history lovers

  • Saadiyat island

Sadiya Island in Abu Dhabi is a cultural district with a lot of mega projects. Zayed National Museum and Guggenhei are quite famous to begin your exploration. Here you will get a sneak peak of the island’s cultural vision. Saadiyat Island promises to be the best destination for culture and art enthusiasts. The place blends the best design with commitment to preserve the rich history.

  • Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Get a unique inside to the traditional sport of falconry. There are many guides provided for the visitors. The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital gives the perfect opportunity to interact. You can engage with these birds to learn their role in the emeritic culture. The experience is both admiring and educational. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital gives a glimpse to the best connection. Admire the heritage of the region and the falcons.

  • Al Bateen beach

Admire the serenity at Al Bateen beach Abu Dhabi. It’s one of the beautiful waterfront destinations. The Pristine sand and environment gives a peaceful retreat. Get the views of breathtaking sunset or unwind with a book. Layback and admire the atmosphere with the sounds of waves. It creates a harmonious backdrop.

  • Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi allows you to step back in the beautiful traditional Emirates village. This cultural gem offers the best pre-oil era. Admire the traditional house with crafts and handicraft stalls. Explore the Heritage village that exhibits the daily life of the early inhabitants. The Heritage village in Abu Dhabi is a living symbol to the Emirates people. If you have interest in culture preservation, then this place is for you.

  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, there’s no better place than Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. This indoor theme park is a heaven for automotive lovers as well as for others. Ferrari World not only includes thrilling rides but also a lot of exhibitions. It pay homage to the iconic Ferrari brand. You can enjoy the world’s fastest roller coaster with breathtaking speed. Get the glimpse of history and evolution with the experience for the visitors.

  • Yas Viceroy Hotel

Admire the futuristic design of the years at Yas Viceroy Hotel Abu Dhabi. The structure spans the Marina circuit. The hotel has architecture that is complemented by an LED lighting system. It offers a mesmerizing display at night. The dancing lights will transform into a site against the backdrop of the race track. Staying in these beautiful hotels gives any experience as you will get a visual treat for your stay.

    • Al Ain Oasis

    Head beyond the city limits to Al Ain oasis. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its ancient irrigation system named as the falaj. Take a walk through the groups and discover the cultural significance of this area. The falaj is a traditional method of water distribution. Al Ain oasis in Abu Dhabi provides a serene Retreat for the visitors to escape the urban hustle and bustle. 

  • Emirates Palace

Admire the luxury at Emirate Palace Abu Dhabi. It’s one of the luxury hotels in the world that represents Arabian Hospital. Access to hotel interiors might be restricted. However, its magnificent exterior is enough to experience the real beauty of architecture. Explore the lush Gardens arches and domes of the Emirate Palace. This Regal experience to soak in the atmosphere of the luxurious lifestyle.


What are the family friendly attractions in Abu Dhabi?

Some of the popular family attractions in Abu Dhabi are Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Warner Bros. These theme parks offer the best entertainment options for all ages.

Where to experience the best shopping in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi mall and Yas Mall are ideal for shopping. You can choose from luxury brands to local ones here.

What are the dining scenes in Abu Dhabi?

The capital of Abu Dhabi  has a broad culinary landscape. You can satisfy your taste buds with local Emirati cuisine. There are many places for international fine dining. Moreover you can also experience or sunset Cruise dinner for an amazing adventure.

How can you explore marine life in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, Marina in Abu Dhabi allows you to take part in various kinds of water activities. You can enjoy Federal boarding and kayaking. If you want a deeper experience then you can visit Emirates Park zoo as well as Abu Dhabi aquarium.


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