Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Introduction to Suzanne Somers Net WorthSuzanne Somers Net Worth

Have you heard of the TV show “Three’s Company” or the many health and wellness books lining bookshelves? Suzanne Somers has made her mark in both and much more. Dive into this multifaceted artist and entrepreneur’s life, accomplishments, and net worth.

Early Life & Beginnings

Born as Suzanne Marie Mahoney in 1946, Suzanne had a modest upbringing in San Bruno, California. Her initial steps in the entertainment industry were not in acting but as a prize model on the ‘Anniversary Game.’ Who knew this was just the tip of the iceberg?

Television and Film Stardom

Suzanne shot to fame as Chrissy Snow on the hit sitcom “Three’s Company.” Her role made her a household name and paved the way for other opportunities in TV and films. Her magnetic presence wasn’t confined to sitcoms; she starred in movies and hosted her own talk shows.

Business Ventures

Suzanne has ventured into various business avenues, from skincare products to health supplements. Her organic skincare line, Somersize products, and books focusing on health and fitness reflect her commitment to natural living.

Major Achievements

Suzanne Somers isn’t just a one-trick pony. From entertainment to the business world, her achievements are diverse and commendable.

Awards and Recognitions

Suzanne has bagged various awards throughout her career, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her resilience and talent have garnered both fan love and critical acclaim.

Popular Shows & Films

Apart from “Three’s Company,” Suzanne has graced many other TV shows like “Step by Step” and films such as “Serial Mom.”

Net Worth Analysis

Now, the golden question: How much is Suzanne Somers worth?

Revenue Streams

From TV shows to movies, Suzanne’s acting career has undeniably contributed significantly to her net worth. Syndications and reruns are the gifts that keep on giving.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth in 2023?

Her estimated net worth as of 2023 is $105 million. What strategies did Suzanne Somers use to beat breast cancer? A lumpectomy and radiation treatment were performed on her, and she is now cancer-free.Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Book Sales

Having authored over 20 books, most focusing on health and wellness, Suzanne’s sales from these publications are substantial.

Product Lines

Products under the Suzanne brand, especially the organic skincare line and health supplements, rake considerable revenue.

Real Estate and Assets

Somers owns some lavish properties, including a sprawling Palm Springs mansion, which speaks volumes about her wealth.

Personal Life & Controversies

Married to Alan Hamel since 1977, Suzanne’s love life seems as flourishing as her career. The couple has been together through thick and thin, supporting each other’s ventures.

Health Challenges and Advocacies

In the 2000s, Suzanne revealed her battle with breast cancer. Instead of conventional treatments, she opted for alternative therapies. This choice stirred controversies but also spotlighted her advocacy for alternative medicine.

Her Evolution as an Author

Over the years, Suzanne Somers has penned many books, ranging from self-help to autobiographies. Her writing isn’t just about wellness; it’s a testament to her journeys and battles, making each book a unique narrative.

Thighmaster & Fitness Era

Remember the Thighmaster? This iconic fitness product, endorsed and promoted by Suzanne, became a 90’s sensation. It highlighted Suzanne’s passion for fitness and her business acumen in tapping into consumers’ craving – compelling, at-home fitness solutions. Through this venture, Suzanne once again demonstrated her ability to ride the waves of change and predict market desires.

Advocacy & Charitable Works

Suzanne’s journey with breast cancer transformed her personal life and shaped her advocacy efforts. She has been at the forefront of alternative medicine discussions, questioning conventional treatments and advocating for personal choices in healthcare.

Her charitable endeavors extend beyond health. She’s been involved in supporting child abuse prevention programs and has often spoken about the importance of early education and intervention in breaking the cycle of abuse.

The Ageless Diva

Age is just a number for Suzanne. Even in her 70s, she exudes charisma, confidence, and an infectious energy. Her philosophy has always been about embracing aging with grace and wellness, a message she conveys in her books and personal life. Her ageless beauty and vitality are evident, proving that one can defy the conventional norms of aging with the right lifestyle choices.Suzanne Somers Net Worth

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The Resilience Factor

Facing controversies, health challenges, and even professional setbacks, Suzanne’s resilience is inspiring. Her ability to bounce back and reinvent herself as an actress, author, businesswoman, and health advocate is a lesson in perseverance.


Suzanne Somers is a force to be reckoned with. From the glitz of Hollywood to the world of health and wellness, she has stamped her legacy. With a net worth resulting from multifarious ventures, she’s a star and a savvy businesswoman.


How did Suzanne Somers start her career?

Suzanne began her career as a prize model on the ‘Anniversary Game.’

What was her breakout role in TV?

Suzanne shot to fame as Chrissy Snow on “Three’s Company.”

Has she written any books?

Suzanne has authored over 20 books, mainly on health and wellness.

What is Suzanne’s stance on alternative medicine?

Suzanne advocates for alternative medicine, especially after her battle with breast cancer.

Who is Suzanne Somers married to?

Suzanne has been married to Alan Hamel since 1977.

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