Exploring Social Media Examiner's Membership Marketing Journey

Delving into the realm of membership products, one can’t help but wonder about the journey behind crafting and marketing such offerings. In this article, we embark on an exploration of the Social Media Marketing Society, a premium community curated by Social Media Examiner. Join us behind the scenes as we unravel the evolution of its marketing strategies and the challenges encountered along the way.

1. The Significance of Membership Products for Marketers

Membership communities have emerged as a pivotal avenue for marketers seeking to diversify revenue streams, foster deeper connections with their audience, and deliver ongoing value. These communities offer a predictable revenue stream, facilitate peer-to-peer interactions, and provide an avenue for continuous education in a rapidly evolving industry. Moreover, membership models allow creators to establish authority in their niche while monetizing their expertise effectively.

2. Evolution of Social Media Examiner’s Membership Marketing Strategy

In 2015, Social Media Examiner embarked on a journey to create an exclusive membership site, recognizing the need for ongoing education in the dynamic realm of social media. Ali Kelly, manager of the Social Media Marketing Society, shares insights into the inception, growth, and marketing evolution of this community.

3. The Power of a Membership Model

Ali highlights the strategic advantages of a membership model, emphasizing its capacity for scalable growth and recurring revenue. Members gain exclusive access to industry experts, real-time updates, and peer-to-peer interactions, fostering a sense of community and combating professional isolation with the support of a dedicated PPC marketing company, ensuring targeted advertising strategies to maximize outreach and engagement.

4. Key Challenges of Growing a Membership

As the social media landscape evolved, so did the needs of the audience. Social Media Marketing Society navigated challenges such as evolving member interests, competition from free educational alternatives, and talent acquisition to ensure the delivery of relevant and engaging content.

5. Early Marketing Strategies and Their Evolution

From utilizing scarcity tactics to drive sign-ups to transitioning towards a more holistic approach focusing on community engagement, Social Media Marketing Society adapted its marketing strategies to enhance member retention and value proposition.

6. New Pricing Structure and Year-Round Enrollment

The introduction of quarterly and annual subscription options, coupled with year-round enrollment, aims to optimize member retention and acquisition. Additionally, seasonal discounts offer opportunities for new members to join while retaining an element of scarcity.

7. The Move Away From Facebook Groups

Recognizing the limitations of relying solely on Facebook Groups, Social Media Marketing Society embraced a custom community platform to offer enhanced features and foster deeper member interactions.

8. New Messaging Strategies

Shifting from a training-centric approach to highlighting the community aspect, the Society revamped its messaging to resonate with the evolving landscape and user expectations, fostering a warmer and more inclusive tone.


The journey of Social Media Marketing Society exemplifies the evolution and adaptation required in navigating the dynamic realm of membership marketing. By embracing innovation, understanding member needs, and refining messaging strategies, Social Media Examiner continues to cultivate a thriving community dedicated to advancing the field of social media marketing.


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